About Us

Who do we think we are?

At Males Advocating Change, we’re a group of people who believe men should behave like men, and are willing to get our hands a little dirty to help them do it.

You see, it’s a fact that men are the primary perpetrators of violence against women, children, and other men. And until recently, women have been pretty much alone in their efforts to combat the violence.

We think that’s unfair. So we formed a group of men and women who share a commitment to ending violence. And we expect men to join women in confronting the issue, to become part of the solution by ending their silence — and with it, the violence.

To that end, we support men and boys in their efforts to build healthy relationships, lifestyles, and connections with their families and communities.

We challenge accepted ideas about masculinity. We help people unlearn the culture that perpetuates and promotes violence. We speak out against violence toward women and children, and choose to learn, think, and behave differently.

We promote greater acceptance of the diversity of men, and help men feel safe in the expression of their emotional experiences and physical needs. We do this through a variety of workshops, and through referrals for individual counseling, support groups, and medical issues.

We train and educate men and boys to

  1. increase their awareness of the need to attend to their emotional, physical, and mental health
  2. engage in activities that lead to fuller and happier lives
  3. reduce the cycle of violence and addiction that afflicts so many men
  4. partner with women and girls, and see them as allies in these endeavors

As part of the Central Massachusetts Men’s Resource Center, Inc., Males Advocating Change works to build a networked coalition of men, women, and organizations who share and promote a new vision of healthy masculinity.

Care to help us out with our mission?

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